Home Automation is nothing new, but a recent boom in smart home technology has thrust it straight into the spotlight for home buyers, and many people are starting to expect more and more automation as they search for a new home.

This Christmas is a great time to add some of these home automation toys to your wish list. It’s a gift that keeps giving- enjoy it now and use it as a selling point later! Home automation can help your home stand out from others, which could facilitate a faster sale.

Below, I have put together a short list of popular home automation ideas. I have also provided some websites below if you would like more information and ideas.

  • Smart Home Security
    Using home automation to up your home security is a common place people start when upgrading their home. After all, your home is your most significant investment, so before you invest more into making it smarter, you need to start with making it more secure.
  • Smart Door Lock
    Your home’s entrance sets the tone for the house. Use a smart door lock to wow prospective buyers. The realtor won’t have to fumble with keys, instead they can enter with an easy code. This can help make your life easier too, you will get a notification anytime someone enters your home or locks up.
  • Smart Garage Door Closer
    Have you ever wondered- “did I shut the garage door?”? Why not have a garage door that will automatically close when you leave it open!
  • House Warming/Cooling Automation
    Have the convenience of changing your thermostat from your phone. Systems like the Nest will also learn your habits and can be set to automatically adjust the room temperature to your liking.
  • Automatic Leak Detection
    This feature is perfect for homeowners who travel frequently or are away from their home often. It gives peace of mind while the owners are away. If there is a leak somewhere in your home, your water is shut off to avoid further water damage.
  • Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Systems
    These can simplify lawn care and reduce water consumption. Instead of timers, these systems draw on data from sensors & weather forecasts to determine watering needs.
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