home buyer

Steps to buying a home:

Choose a

Get pre-qualified

Shop for a home

Submit an offer


Closing and
Move in!

1. Choose a Realtor - Laura Bonck

Purchasing a property is likely the biggest financial decision you will make. Whether this is your first purchase or you are an experienced buyer, this decision should be made carefully. No matter when you decide to buy, purchasing a home can be very stressful. As your realtor, I will ensure a smooth and easy transaction. Buying a home doesn’t have to be a stressful; I want to make your experience fun and exciting because getting a new home is a wonderful thing!

2. Get pre-qualified

This is a very important step because in order to make an offer on a new home you must have verification of funds. A pre-qualification (or “pre-approval”) letter shows a seller that you have the funds to purchase the home. Your lender should be able to provide this letter in 24-48 hours- Please contact me if you need lender recommendations- Choosing a good lender is critical to ensure a smooth transaction!

3. Shop for a home

I create a customized website/home search for each client based on the requirements that my client has provided. This site will send you an email each time a new home, meeting your requirements, is listed for sale. This gives us instant notice so we can be one of the firsts to go see the home. I prefer to meet face to face to discuss your home search requirements and answer any question about the home buying process; However, you can also fill out an online form so I can get you set up on a search quickly. 

4. Submit an offer

Once we have found you’re the home for you, I will help you through the contract process. With my knowledge of the market I can help you determine a fair price to offer for the home. I always send my client a detailed report of recent home sales in the area and help them determine their offer price. I will then draft the contract and submit the offer.

5. Inspections/Title/Escrow/Appraisals

Once the offer has been accepted the inspections should be scheduled- If you do not know an inspector, I will give you a great referral. This is also when the Lender and Title company get more involved in the process. The lender will assist you with any financial questions or issues. The title company will ensure there is a clear title and provide title insurance for you. I work very closely with all of these parties to ensure there are no issues or delays to closing.

6. Closing and move in!

Either the day before or on the day of closing, we will schedule a final walk through of the home. I will accompany you to closing to answer any questions that may arise. Once all the paperwork is signed, you will be handed the keys and the home is yours!