Houston TXI may be biased, but I truly believe Houston is the greatest city to work & live! There are so many things people do not know about our city.
In 2017, I would love to have a few more relocation clients, not only to help them find a home; but also, to teach them more about the city I love. If you know anyone thinking about taking a job in Houston, moving to be closer to family, or moving to Houston for any reason, please send them this blog!

Houston is topping Best Cities lists in every conceivable category: jobs, tourism, arts, food, museums, and so on.

  1. Houston is currently the 4th largest city, it could fit Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit inside of its city limits.
  2. Houston has one of the lowest overall costs of living among the nation’s most populous metropolitan areas. This includes housing costs- aka: it is better to buy a house here (and use Laura Bonck as your agent )
  3. Houston has one of the most attractively- eclectic food scenes! According to Urbanspoon, there are about 98 different cuisines to choose from- that is the same amount as New York City!
  4. Fun Fact: For years Houston, has gotten the nick name “America’s Fattest City.” Well not anymore, we are getting ready for swimsuit season- Shreveport, LA has now taken our unwanted “Fat City” title.
  5. A Rice University study found Houston to be one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. The city hosts over 90 foreign consulates in the area.
  6. Houston is the only major U.S. city without Zoning ordinances. This little quirk often causes unexpected business popping up in random spots, but I would say the lack of zoning really allows for flexibility in our land use!
  7. Only New York City is home to more fortune 500 companies than H-Town.
  8. Many people think Houston should be renamed “Oil Town,” but the city is also home to the world’s largest medical center. There are also several other large industries in Houston. If you need a job, there truly is no better place to look than Houston.
  9. Traffic Jams! When sitting on 6-10 (specifically between I-10 & 59) you can scream all you want and not have to worry that you are being dramatic! According to a Texas A&M Transportation Institute study Houstonians waste about 1.18 million hours a year just on this section of 6-10. You have been warned, Avoid 6-10!
  10. We sit outside for meals between the months of November to April : ) No Jackets required. Between May-September… Beware of the Heat! And during all months anticipate the humidity- it is really good for your hair.
  11. Houston is conveniently located near the ocean, the country, & lakes. There are so many places to drive to for an easy weekend getaway. (Galveston, Brenham, Kemah, & Conroe- All around an hour drive)
  12. Houston Real Estate: compared to other metropolitan cities, Houston real estate has long been relatively cheap. The market has remained steady during the recession. Currently, the dip in oil prices have resulted in a minor decline- The market is still very steady with plenty of buyers and sellers, but 2017 is a great year to buy a home in Houston!
  13. Houston also has some of the friendliest people. Jobs, museums, food, & art make this city entertaining and profitable, but it is the people that make our city such a great place to call home.

There are so many more reasons why I think Houston is the best! I love this city, I love the people, and I love helping my clients settle into a new home here.
If you ever have any questions about the Houston real estate market, please contact me at laurabonck@greenwoodking.com. I am always happy to answer any questions.