Several people have asked me: “Laura what do I need to do to get my home ready to sell?”
Let’s think about it, What is Home Staging? And what does that mean? Most people think home staging is bringing furniture into an empty home. This is part of home staging if you are selling an empty home, but there is so much more involved than just bringing in furniture.

Now if your home is empty, I would recommend hiring a home stager. Typically, people who stage their home get 7-10% more for their home. This is because, staging attracts the eyes to the features instead of the flaws of the home.

Now let’s say your home is furnished, you are living there while you sell. There are still several things we need to do to get your home ready and “attract buyer’s eyes to the nice features your home offers instead of any flaws.” We all live in our homes the way we feel comfortable- you may have 4 kids and 2 indoor dogs and you live in the home in a way that fits your lifestyle. But we want buyers to envision their life when they walk in the home.

Home staging is about setting a mood. It is about making rooms appear larger, cleaner, brighter, and maybe more loving. We want to feed to a buyer’s emotions. Think about this the next time you go to a nice hotel. Hotels do so much research and spend tons of money to understand what makes their clients feel relaxed and excited to be there. This is why people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to stay there.

10 tips selling home

So today I have 10 tips that work:

  1. Make a first impression (first 8 seconds)- We want the front door painted. New landscaping and fresh flowers. Also think about pressure washing your driveway.
  2. Declutter!!! Kitchen counter tops shouldn’t display a lot of small items. NO MAGNETS on the fridge. Closets should be clean and organized. If you have children, or a baby- all toys need to be hidden.
  3. Depersonalize the home. Buyers want to imagine themselves in the home. They don’t need to see little Suzie up the stair way from 1st grade to graduation. Get rid of personal items-create an illusion that it is their home not ours.
  4. Keep it fresh: NO bad odors- especially if you have indoor pets or cook often. One tip is opening the windows for just a few minutes a day. You can also bake cookies before the showing! Again, we are setting a “mood.”
  5. Deep clean the home! Everything dusted and scrubbed- literally everything. When a home is clean the buyers believe the sellers take care of a home. I walk into clean homes with buyers and they very often say “Wow they really take care of their home” or “this is a well-built home!”
  6. Hire a handyman! Take care of all the odds and ends- caulking, fixing dripping faucets, patching holes… the list could go on and one.
  7. Paint & colors – Paint key rooms, front doors, dining rooms/kitchens, with light neutral colors. We want to lighted it up! Dark colors depress people.
  8. Reduce furniture: your home shouldn’t look like a furniture show room! Make the rooms look bigger!
  9. Lighting – replace 60watt (or below) bulbs with higher wattage. Light puts people in a better mood and we want them in a good mood for buying. So you want to turn on every light before a showing. Also- wash your windows inside and out. (washing windows brings in 30% more light)
  10. Add a touch of freshness– Fresh flowers on the table. Front porch put those flower pots and planters out.

Don’t get offended if a realtor gives you some tips or asks you to make changes… we all live in our homes and the way we live in our home doesn’t always mean it is the best way to present it to the world. Personally, if I decided to sell today it would take me a few weeks to get it ready. I would have to get rid of stuff, refinish floors, paint some rooms… and several other things- so I am not telling you anything that I wouldn’t tell myself.

If you have any questions or are thinking about selling your home please give me a call. I would be more than happy to come by your house and give you some pointers. I can be found at

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